Awards and Prizes

Prize Winners 2020


Best Oil/Acrylic:                                  Sally Davis - "Ella and a Butterfly"

Best Watercolour/Work on Paper:      It Hao Pheh - "The Ice Breaker"

Best Pastel:                                          Lyn Mellady - "Ten Minutes Beyond"

Best Painting - All Mediums                 

Value $500 - $1000:                            Nil

Value up to $500:                                Yasaman Dehghan - "A Pleasant Evening"


First Prize:                                           Heidi Victoria - "I Have Everything I Need"

Second Prize:                                      Susan Gamble - "Wind Dusted Tracery"

Third Prize:                                         Chris King - "Last Light"

Highly Commended and Commended Certificates awarded by the judge:

Highly Commended

Ray Wilson - Oil/Acrylic - "Tidal Flats"

Afsson Sabzevari - Watercolour/Drawing - "Endless Anticipation"

                      - Pastel - Nil

Elishia Jackson - All Mediums Value Under $500.00 - "Rothko"


Zhonghua Fan - Oil/Acrylic - "Cool Feet"

Joanne Seberry - Watercolour/Drawing - "Water Lillies"

                          Pastel - Nil

Jeremy Swan - All Mediums Value Under $500.00 - ""Rodin""


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