14.7.2007 by Lauren Appleton

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DIMENSIONS (Height - 122.00 cm X Width - 107.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Canvas
GENRE Portrait
REGISTERED NRN # 000-2395-0156-01
COPYRIGHT © Lauren Appleton


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Artist: Lauren Appleton


Hi my name is Lauren Appleton. 

Im not a professional artist but I would love to be some day.

I havent entered any exhibitions or won any prizes. 

I just want the world to share my art and hope it brings joy to other like it has for me. I have been drawing since I was born and havent stopped. I started painting with arcylics in VCE in year 11 and 12 and loved it. I have been painting for 6 years now. 

I am currently studying to become a arts teacher. I have always loved art very passionately and wanted to make a career out of it. So I thought this is the path I want to go down in. I work as a home carer in elderly homes to get me by while I study.  I would love to teach VCE students how paint and draw. 

Im 23 years old and live with my partner in mentone painting and studying. 

I am currently battling depression and anxiety problems and I show what I feel in my paintings relating to that. 

Most of paintings represent how I am feeling at that moment. Paintings I have done that are from my school years show my struggle when i was hospital. Some show broken up relationships, others are being in love. I dont really paint happy paintings not very often. I always paint myself with my black long curly hair and how it relates to me. They all display a message it you read it closely. I dont like to put names on my paintings because i want the public to look at it and feel something from their own present and past experiences. 

If you want to contact me my details are on here but my email is lozzzin@gmail.com if you want to chat or if you want me to paint something for you :) i just want the public to see my art

Lauren Appleton