A Lazy Day by Robyn Koiker

ARTIST NOTES: This is a painting of a Labrador at the Staten Island ferry station, in New York. It is a security guards dog. I fell in love with the dog and asked the guards if I could take the photo. We were on holidays at the time. I hope you enjoy it .


DIMENSIONS (Height - 38.00 cm X Width - 52.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Watercolour
GENRE Animals
REGISTERED NRN # 000-1512-0156-01
COPYRIGHT © Robyn Koiker
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Artist: Robyn Koiker


Robyn Koiker

Born in North Balwyn, she moved to the bush to be surrounded by nature and animals.

Married in the late 80’s, the couple moved to St Andrews where they built their own mudbrick home. The beautiful surroundings inspired her to take up watercolour, a hobby that rapidly became a passion. She now finds it difficult to put the paintbrush down!

She meets frequently with other local artists, and hones her skills via regular art classes.

Robyn enjoys drawing and has a passion for horses, foals, dogs and birds, of which she has had several commissions. Landscapes are well portrayed also.

Her efforts have been rewarded with numerous commendations,  commissions and sales; her works displayed at many shows around Melbourne.

She hopes you find pleasure in her art.

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