Bird In The Field by Tzvia Fremder



DIMENSIONS (Height - 76.00 cm X Width - 61.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Mixed Media on Canvas
GENRE Abstract
REGISTERED NRN # 000-1953-0145-01
COPYRIGHT © Tzvia Fremder
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Artist: Tzvia Fremder


In September 1948 I was born in a refugee camp in Cyprus to Romanian parents
For as long as I can remember I was always drawn to art and colour

At age 12, I drew a dragon at primary school, winning 1st prize,.

Unfortunately, as often happens this piece has since disappeared.I never learnt art formally, but all my knowledge came from the art and pictures I have seen, and work I have developed by my own efforts using a great variety of mediums and techniques.

Looking at the sky, sun rising and sun set where there are many colour changes , being extraordinary, it is amazing how nature can produce these special effects without a computer (photoshop)

One of the miracles in colour is the wonder of the rainbow where all primary colours are all evident.
All of my colour knowledge comes from by seeing natures colours and landscapes.
My imagination is  without boundaries

A house void of paintings is a house without a soul.

I hope you get as much pleasure from seeing and having my paintings as I enjoyed painting them.

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