Bushland 2 by Patricia Buoncristiani



DIMENSIONS (Height - 30.00 cm X Width - 30.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Canvas
GENRE Landscape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-1525-0153-01
COPYRIGHT © Patricia Buoncristiani
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Artist: Patricia Buoncristiani


I completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Fine Arts,  at the University of Melbourne. I am a figurative artist working mainly in oils, acrylics and pastel.

I hope that every painting starts a conversation.

For some time most of work tended to be landscape. I was intrigued by the effects of light and was always drawn to paintings where a patch of light lit up the distance or the middle ground. So I used my brush and paints to evoke the places I had visited and loved, and particularly the quality of light that had captivated me. The ocean has an unending fascination. The structure and geometry of the waves, the subtle shifts of color, the effects of light through foam are all a magnificent challenge to my brush.

Sometimes I paint because I am excited by something that already exists in my mind and I strive to make it gradually emerge on a blank canvas. At other times I am fascinated by the way the painting takes on a life of it’s own and tells me, if I listen and look hard enough, with patience and humility, what to do next as it transforms and solidifies in front of me. Over time I noticed that people were starting to find their way into my paintings and gradually the landscape changed from being the subject of my work to being the setting for what I hope is a deeper, more human conversation.

I have always loved the written word and believe that paintings are analogous to poetry. Just as the poet chooses words with care, balancing each against the other and controlling the rhythms and cadences of the language, so the artist selects the images and places them on a canvas, joining and separating them with color, line, light and shadow. A poem is never fully complete until it exists within the mind of a listener or reader. Poems are made to be heard and then to be rolled into the experience of the listener or reader until they are recreated into something that moves the individual. This is what I strive for in my paintings.

I spend a part of each year painting in Australia and part painting in the USA and my work has been exhibited in galleries and is in private collections in both countries and the UK. I am delighting in the fact that I can dedicate a significant part of my time to painting and I continue to seek out opportunities to learn more.

Patricia Buoncristiani

I can be contacted at patbuoncristiani@gmail.com

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