Cattlemans Hut High Country Victoria by Rita Collins

ARTIST NOTES: Horse waits patiently outside the rustic cattleman's hut in the high country eastern Victoria.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 30.00 cm X Width - 40.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Hardwood
GENRE Landscape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-2318-0136-01
COPYRIGHT © Rita Collins
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Artist: Rita Collins


I'm a late entry to the art world, as I took up the hobby after leaving full time work some years ago.  I began with drawing lessons in a  community art class and progressed to oil painting.  My favourite genre is seascapes and I never tire of images featuring water, boats, lighthouses, sea gulls and of course people enjoying themselves by the sea! I'm mostly self taught except for the drawing classes by an excellent qualified art teacher and I am indebted to her for giving me the basic essentials like perspective, shadowing, angles etc.  I still regard myself as learning the craft and will continue my endeavours to be the best artist I can be, no matter how long it takes!

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