Falling Leaves I by Jan Lowe

ARTIST NOTES: Autumn in Melbourne is a special time. These leaves were falling so softly and fell to my feet - I sketched them falling - and then redrew them in ink. There are two in this series Falling Leaves I and II


DIMENSIONS (Height - 22.00 cm X Width - 30.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Paper
GENRE Still Life
REGISTERED NRN # 000-2428-0143-01
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Artist: Jan Lowe


Introducing Jan Lowe, a realist artist who specialises in animal art, paints in most mediums, but love watercolour, scratchboard, oils, pasels, inks, acrylics, pen and wash and just about anything that makes a mark on paper or canvas!  Her love or nature and animals shows in her art, also likes to observe people and anyone or place will end up in a drawing.  She has loved drawing form a little kid, but events precluded that being a career. 

Her professional career  gave her unique opportunities to travel to some incredible countries and she was very fortunate to see wonderful places, the people and the amazing animals - this is where her subjects come from - her experiences and loves working in the field sketching.  Has worked in one way or another with various groups to save animals from endangerment and also from cruelty - very active currently - although it is now more through the written word and sponsorship rather than straddling the high seas to save wales as one could when younger!

Has had 3 solo and 4 joint exhibitions since 2006.  Started a group called "Animals in Art" and this group now has thousands of members sharing their beautiful artworks with like-minded artists.

Her commitment to the art community has been with the serving, Exhibitions Co-ordinator for the Artists Society of Phillip Island Inc; Editor for International Society of Scratchboard Artists; formerly the Vice President & Editor for the International Society of Scratchboard Artists since 2013 to 2017; formerly the Acting Treasurer and Editor for the Australian Guild of Realist Artists from 2016 -  Aug 2017.  Former President of the Australian Guild of Realist Artists 2011-2014, Editor of the bi-monthly magazine Hues 2006 to 2012.  Former Committee member of the Watercolour Art Society of Australia & Victoria and acting President in 2013, founder of the Guild of Nature and Wildlife Art in Australia;

Member of the Pastel Art Society of Victoria; Contemporary Art Society of Victoria; Artists Society of Phillip Island Inc; Victorian Art Society, Melbourne Society of Women Painters & Sculptors Inc, QWASI (Queensland Wildlife Art Society Inc); the American Watercolour Society; Malvern Artists Society and the Animal Artists Society; .

Jan has been a finalist in the "AGRA Kenneth Jack Memorial - Drawing The Essential Art" in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. She has received various awards for her oils, pastel, scratchboard and watercolour works.  Winning Best Drawing in the Annual Easter Show 2017 for Artists Society of Phillip Island Inc with her Scratchboard of a Koala; Best Portrait in 2014 with her Scratchboard of a Sleeping Lion.  View her works on www.janlowefineart.com

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