Little Elephant by Adriana Mahne



DIMENSIONS (Height - 44.00 cm X Width - 54.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Pencil on Paper
GENRE Animals
REGISTERED NRN # 000-2375-0141-01
COPYRIGHT © Adriana Mahne
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Artist: Adriana Mahne


I am Adriana Mahne, 33 years, artist, educational psychologist and mother of two. I studied art in the Netherlands at the Academy for Art, Constantyn Huygens in Kampen. Because there wasn't much money to make and I wasn't very fond of teaching, I became a psychologist as well. Didn't take long after finishing my studies, that I fell in love and moved off to a different continent - Africa. 

it's there that I get most of my inspiration. The wildlife that roams around and make me hold my breath because of it's beauty. There are so much lessons we can learn from these wild animals, that simply follow their instincts. Also, the connection between animals and people really inspires me. That these creatures trust us, communicate with us, send us messages from their world and touch our hearts is an every day miracle to me. I especially love cats, any size, type and colour. They are a never ending inspiration for my drawings and daily life. To me it is a shame that some of them are endangered and with my new series of Big Cats I am trying to remind everyone about the beauty of these magnificent creatures that are on the edge of extinction.

After a few years in Africa, my husband and I moved to Australia with our 2 little children. It's here where we've found our safe haven, and where we long for new encounters with Africa's beauties and beasts. It's longing, respect, love and natures lessons that I am trying to bring across with my pencil. A talent that I was born with, and that grew on me with time. I am using this technique because it shows the things as they are. Honest, raw, magnificent in every aspect.

I hope you like it, enjoy it. Feel it. Then I have reached my goal.


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