Mossman Gorge by Prue Crommelin

ARTIST NOTES: pastel on paper


DIMENSIONS (Height - 59.00 cm X Width - 74.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Pastel on Paper
GENRE Landscape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-2465-0135-01
COPYRIGHT © Prue Crommelin
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Artist: Prue Crommelin


I have returned to visual art, which I studied at university, after a couple of decade as a graphic and web designer for small to medium corporations. This change was precipitated by the birth of my daughter 8 years ago which gave me both the inspiration to reflect on my creative direction and the time to re-establish my artistic practices.

I am inspired by nature and the visual styles and patterns that nature creates, as well as innocence. Particularly, becoming a mother has instilled in me a reverence for the innocence of children as well as presenting me with an always present subject for my photography, drawings and paintings. The portraiture of my daughter is a perfect way for me to explore both human form and emotion.

I have run my own small business, working from home, for the last 12 years and whilst I enjoy the freedom that has given me, I am now able to commit more time to professional occupation. I have realised that whilst it is important to maintain links to the corporate world and the human interaction it brings, it is no longer sufficient as my creative outlet and I would like to spend more time creating than building. I also want to show my daughter that adult occupation is not limited to office work and that satisfaction should be sought from pursuing a job that brings happiness as much as financial reward.

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